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PostSubject: Aplication   Sat Aug 07, 2010 1:49 pm

In game name: Bushbaboon
In game rep: 202515
Age: 22

Current Alliance?: Zero Amnesty
If yes, reasons for leaving?: To join the top dogs

Have you played on other servers?: No
If yes, which?:

Have you played similar games?: Yes
If yes, which?: Evony

Hours played per day: 4-6
Days played per week: 6-7

About me:
I played alot of Evony but it all got quite dull so opted to find something else a bit more interesting. WOL so far has been really interesting and in my opinion, well made so my plan is to continue playing this and simply stop playing Evony.. being in Zero I think will help me gain the best advice I possibly can so my goal is here and Im aiming high! I'm easy going and I joke about everything, appropriately! I know my boundaries and I dont cause shit with other players, its still just a game and being attacked should not always be taken as a grudge but looked at as a lesson or a hint.. but having a laugh is the idea in the end
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