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 application for yellow plop

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yellow p

PostSubject: application for yellow plop   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:20 pm

hellow :-)

here is the standard form :-)

In game name: yellow plop
In game rep: 400 k ( growing 30 to 50 k a day )
Age: 31 years old

Current Alliance?: chaos legions
If yes, reasons for leaving?: everybody's leaving, the leaders seems to have hollidays since 5 to 7 days and I don't know why staying anymore in an alliance that is dying

Have you played on other servers?: no
If yes, which?: nonono i said :-)

Have you played similar games?: similaaaaar, yes one who was the same style, but i can't remember the name
I was top 3 on fr universe ogame, top 10 in kingsage 4th server, and i played some games like ikariam, etc too

If yes, which?: erf i just answered, next time I'll read all the questions before answering ;-)

Hours played per day: 0.5 to 15, it depends of what I have to do IRL (lol)
Days played per week: 7 (sometimes 6, rarely)

About me: I'm a hardcore gamer lol totally addict to these weird games
Write a small piece about you

My name is Daniel
I'm violonist
I'm french too
and sometimes depressive too (only when i don't play online games lol)
I like to eat, read (RTFM too pig ) and play music with my friends
I have no religion so I usually make my war operations when other players are in family (christmas, dec.31th ... )
I don't watch football (soccer) so when it's the mondial cup I prefer to attack the players who are watching TV, it works really good, I tested it on other games ;-)
sometimes I don't understand when people write with abreviations cuz I'm not english, nor american, nor australian, nor ....
and finally, I tell you what I hate : to go all the days on a forum to flood all subjects (If someone needs me the best he could do is to contact me ingame)

another detail : I don't have many rep because I played 6 weeks I suppose ...
maybe 8 :-)

last detail : i show you my penis : elephant

lol! soooorrry :-)
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application for yellow plop
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